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Decades of experience and attention to detail in every home we build.

We’re a “turnkey custom” builder that can handle any project from the idea phase to handing over the keys.  Our in-house design team is incredible and we’re constantly in the field making sure the job done right.

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Modern Rustic

Our Modern Rustic homes have an informal elegance that's both comfortable and modern living at its best within the solace & tranquility of nature.


Traditional Modern

Our Modern Traditional homes invoke an impression of gathering and family in a very casual, sleek, and beautiful way for all of your modern day living.


Modern Contemporary

While Modern design refers to an era that has passed Contemporary design is all about the now and the future. We think you deserve both.


Rigorous development built on virtue

Cedar & Sage Homes is a premier development company in beautiful Suncadia Washington and near Tamarack Idaho. Our highly skilled team can take the time and stress out of the home building experience by offering turn-key custom living on a streamlined budget and timeline.

Award Winning Builders

Our entire home-building team is steeped in years of experience. From acquisition through the design and build process, we have all the tools and resources needed to deliver quality living and lifestyle to you - our valued customer.

Your home. Your castle.

Being locally owned and operated, we are passionate about developing our beautiful mountain communities from just east of Seattle over to McCall and Tamarack Idaho! Whatever your new home needs may be - we can meet and exceed them!

Choose the right Custom Home Builder for you.

Research and Review

It might be pretty tempting to jump at the first “custom homes” company Google ad that pops up. It is at this step, however, that we advise you to take a step back and do a little more searching before you make any hasty home builder decisions.

Ideally, you should consider getting quotes from several building companies. Always ask for exact details on what services you can expect to receive – like what wood options are available for the front door installation, among others.

Companies should also be able to provide you with sample documents to answer all your questions. These documents consist of everything from sample warranties and contracts to a sample budget.

You should also set up interviews with the building companies you are considering. Take along a list of prepared questions. It should include questions on their capabilities to design the house that you envision, the expected duration of the project, the level of experience of building contractors, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities

From the outset, it’s good to understand how clear the line of contact is between the architect, the building manager, and the builders. This step ensures that your project is designed according to the picture you have in mind.

A handy tip to save you time and stress here is to consider finding a general contractor as a sole person responsible for dealing with all manner of issues.

Although you may be tempted to do this yourself, a general contractor is well-versed in the industry. They should know where to find all the cost-saving, energy-angles, and loopholes. A good general contractor will put the project needs at the center of their focus, which is exactly what every person buying a custom home wants to hear.


With the aid of a trusty internet connection, we encourage you to dig a bit deeper. You might want to assess where exactly the company you’re considering rates on the Better Business Bureau(BBB) for some extra reassurance.

Licensing is another important regulation all building companies should have available on their website or when you contact them.

Compare Your Options

When reviewing your options, speak to everyone! Your mom, your neighbor, and even your neighbor’s sister-in-law. Anyone who has ever built a custom home will do!

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can also hop onto your preferred social media platform and ask for recommendations. This should give you some speedy responses to help you make your decision. 

Another useful aspect is to assess the track record of the company you are most in favor of. Perhaps an outing in-person or online is necessary for you to see some of their previous home projects. You can also ask the company to connect you with previous clients to find out about their experiences with the builder in question.

Our Proven 9-Step Process

With decades of experience, we’ve built hundreds of thousands of eye-pleasing square footage of living space – and we just keep getting better! Rest assured, all we need is your idea for your dream home and we’ll see it through ’til the end for you!

Planning & Finance

1.  30 Minute introduction call

2.  Private consult with design team

3.  Provide initial financial analysis

Design Approval

4.  Execute design contract

5.  Design home

6.  Submit to DRC

Building Begins

7.  Execute build contract

8.  Submit for permit

9.  Build your dream home.

We build with your comfort in mind.

In these ever-changing and somewhat stressful times, it’s more important than ever to have a safe, comfortable, and affordable place to unwind after your busy day. That’s why we think of your peace and comfort with every detail we build into our homes.


We build homes where you want to live.

It’s true… Most people can’t wait to take a vacation once a year just to get away from where they live. That’s why we go out of our way to build most of our homes in locations filled with fun things to do, incredible amenities, and relaxing settings.

Treat yourself to the Cedar and Sage experience...

 Contact Us Below


Use our contact form above if you have a questions about our luxury townhomes in Suncadia.  However, if you need help right away, then please click here – (509) 350-4885 to call us during normal office hours.

Find us at: 97 Big Hill Dr, Cle Elum WA 98922

Monday – Friday: 8am to 4pm

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