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To A Home Designed Around You

A house is more than wood, metal, glass, and stone. It’s the backdrop to our best lives, our most intimate moments, and our family heritage. At Cedar and Sage Homes we are craftspeople skilled in the design and construction of turnkey custom homes. More than that, we are architects of dreams. Wintery, mountain dreams. Spring dreams alive with new promise and joy. Summer dreams in the sun-drenched hills and on the water. Autumn dreams bursting with color.

Cedar and Sage Homes brings your lifestyle to life

What is a “Turnkey Custom Home?”

Turnkey custom is what we call the Cedar and Sage Homes signature design-build model. Not only does this approach help us create memorable vacation resort homes, it enables us to build successful, lasting relationships. With the Cedar and Sage Homes turnkey custom home design-build process, you can be as involved as you want to be in every step of the process.


Custom, not cookie cutter – you create a home that’s uniquely you, starting with pre-approved designs for your community.

Our hands, your fingerprints – we do the heavy lifting on major tasks and you fine-tune the personal touches with our expert design team.

Create from here, there, anywhere – you can help manage your project on site or work 100% remotely through your site manager.

Efficient, effective process – accelerate your success and achieve your dream faster thanks to our unique customer care model.

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Cedar and Sage Homes Signature Styles

Style is a personal choice. Your Cedar and Sage Homes turnkey custom vacation home should be as unique to you as your primary residence or your wardrobe. Each of our signature styles help you find the sweet spot between classic and contemporary, rustic and modern, style-forward or comfort-driven. Best of all, each design and every base plan fits the design review committee standards for your resort community. This makes it easier for you to identify areas of personalization and expedites approvals.

Cedar and Sage Homes makes custom home plan selection and design refinement as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Identify your dream vacation home lifestyle from our current plans.
  2. Select and modify your plan to maximize your real estate properties and meet your individual living needs.
  3. Personalize your home with finishes, fixtures, and furnishings that please your senses.

The goal of this style selection process is to achieve harmony inside and outside your Cedar and Sage Homes sanctuary. Architecture and aesthetics, and finishes and fixtures, all blend in with cohesion and class. It’s engineered luxury delivered by a thorough and efficient, yet highly personalized process.

Cedar and Sage Homes spec home buyers also enjoy the same level of personal involvement and customization. Or, leave the details up to us to accelerate the development of your investment property.

Cedar and Sage Homes Interiors

Interior design includes your selection of fixtures, finishes, and even furniture. The looks that our design team has created are reference points for you. They are ideal starting points to outfit your personal lifestyle home around. If your Cedar and Sage home is an investment property, these looks will provide strong marketability and lasting value.

Nature Inspired

Be in the moment and be at one with your surroundings. After all, getting away from it all is the point. This refreshing, natural interior design package is rich in quality wood, stone, and other organic elements to create harmony, and balance. It captures your Cedar and Sage Homes setting with a smooth, subtle blend between interior and exterior spaces.

Alpine Lounge

Downtown chic, up-the-mountain chill. For Cedar and Sage Homes clients with a hip, urban flair to their lifestyle, this package is an ideal blend of textures, tones, and top-tier styles with clean lines. A popular choice for entertainment-focused homes, this interior design package is ideally suited to grand parties as well as intimate cocktail get-togethers. 

Industrial Rustic

This curated interior design package is a blend of heritage-quality strength and subtlety. Substantial metal elements and rich accents balance a neutral color palette to cultivate a reclaimed warehouse district vibe. The rugged practicality of the materials comfort the mind and body with enduring practicality that’s always in style.