It starts with our promise to you

Cedar and Sage Homes is a values-driven company founded on integrity and transparency. While you may argue that developing residential and mixed-used investment projects and building custom homes is something that many companies do, our clients agree that no one does it quite like we do.

Our promise has four pillars that give your relationship with us the right elements for success and satisfaction.


We are a people-centered organization. Healthy relationships are at the heart of our real estate development and custom home building business. Attracting good people to our professional network, our client base, and our community is a top priority.


At Cedar and Sage Homes we specialize in uncommon places with unique opportunities for real estate development and home ownership. The areas we specialize in offer enduring beauty and rich legacies. These are places where dreams come true while delivering lasting value.


We use the term presence to describe the way your investment property or vacation home will look and feel. It’s part architectural design aesthetics and part meaningful integration within the land and the community. The result: impressive properties that comfort, inspire, and reward you.


Cedar and Sage Homes believes ‘how’ a thing is done is just as important as that thing itself. Especially when it comes to your real estate investment or personal dream vacation home. We have designed and refined proven processes that are thorough and efficient, yet flexible enough to accommodate a variety of individual wants and situational needs.

Cedar and Sage Homes Turnkey Custom Home Building Process

Cedar and Sage Homes creates dream destination homes by passionately managing a high-touch turnkey custom model that accounts for every detail and leaves nothing to chance. We establish realistic budgets and schedules to deliver results. Then, with a signature level of transparency, we share every operational and financial step with you along the way.

Planning & Finance

1. Initial Consultation – listening and learning about your lifestyle goals

2. Architecture & Design – collaborating on a vision that match your lifestyle

3. Financial Analysis – aligning your goals and resources for investment success

Design Review & Approval

4. Design Selection – finalizing your personalized home plans

5. Interior Selection – applying your finish and fixture selections to plan

6. Design Review – submitting your package for committee approval


7. Contract & Permitting – setting your lifestyle plans in motion 

8. The Build – crafting your home from foundation to final touches

9. Welcome Day – final walkthrough and key presentation

Residential Land and Mixed-Use Development Process

Our process for developing multi-unit residential and mixed use properties is based on respect, trust and authenticity, just like our turnkey custom home building process.  Additionally, with more players, more variables, and more complexities, we have learned that it takes even greater agility and adaptability to achieve success.

To learn more about this side of our business, contact us